5 December 2010

Ask a beauty expert

Have you got any burning questions that you'd like to ask a beauty industry expert? Well here's your chance to get it answered!

P&G, the company behind some of the biggest names in the industry including Max Factor, Olay, Clairol, Pantene, Sebastian and Sassoon, are hosting a live online event, where you can put questions to their team of beauty brand ambassadors.

When is it?
6pm Tuesday 7th December

Who'll be there?
  • H&S ­- Peter Lux - Creative Beauty Director for H&S
  • Max Factor & Caroline Barnes - Award Winning Make-up Artist
  • Olay & Kathy Rogerson, P&G Technical Expert
  • Pantene Pro V & Kathy Rogerson, P&G Technical Expert
  • Clairol & Kathy Rogerson, P&G Technical Expert
  • Silvikrin & Michael Douglas - Wellaflex Silvikrin Creative Director
  • Braun & Nicola Joss
  • Gillette Venus & Nicola Joss
  • Oral B & Dr. James Russell - TV Dentist & Oral B Ambassador
  • Sebastian Professional & Carly Roberts - Lead Creative Colourist from Marc Antoni & Dom Capel - Creative Stylist for Sebastian Professional
  • Wella Professionals Colour & Cristal Ludqvist - Creative Colour Director at HOB Salons
  • Wella Professionals Care & Style & Desmond Murray - Atherton Cox and Wella Care & Style UK ambassador
  • Sassoon Professional & Bruce Masefield - UK Creative Director for Sassoon Professional
How do I join in?

So there you go, easy peasy. You can register now to save you time on Tuesday, and I'd start thinking about your questions in advance. If you need a bit of inspiration, here's what I'm going to ask.

To Desmond Murry of Wella Professionals Care & Style: "Can damaged hair ever be repaired, or does the damage have to grow out?"

To Kathy Rogerson, of Olay: "Why did Olay change its name from Ulay?" (sorry, but product name changes bug me, I'd like to know how brands justify them).

And finally I'll ask Dr James Russell: "Do you believe they'll ever be a home tooth whitening product that can match a professional dentist treatment?"

So there is it, a simple way to get your questions answered by some of the big brand insiders.

* This is a sponsored post for P&G via Handpicked Media.

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Unknown said...

hi.This is one of my friend she has weak and short hair she has few strands of grey hair in front she wanted to indulge in wella hair spa which one do u recomend her and after spa can she colour her hair imediately or after few days can she use henna for her hair.