16 November 2010

Sisley pre and post party facials

Christmas is hard on your skin. Cold weather, central heating, alcohol, lack of sleep and party make-up all put your skin through it's paces - just at that time of year when we want to be looking great. 

Help is at hand as Sisley have come up with a gem of an idea with their pre and post party facials. These two express facials especially developed with the Christmas party season in mind.

In a nutshell, the Pre Party Preparation facial smooths, refines and plumps up the skin making it perfect for make-up applicaiton. The Post Party Recovery facial gets you back into condition the morning after, rehydrating, adding vitamins and minerals and generally undoing the damage that alcohol and lack of sleep can do to your skin.

Both facials are available at the Sisley counter in Selfridges London. A £35 booking fee applies, but it's redeemable agaist two of more Sisley skincare products if bought on the day.

If you want to be super-organised you can pre-book your facial for before or after your next big party night. Call 020 7318 3475 to make a booking.

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