2 March 2011

What do I want for mothers day? Frontcover Rainbow Eyes

Mothers day presents aren't always up to much. I know, I know, it's the thought that counts. And yes, I AM an ungrateful mother, but how many jewellery boxes made out of old tissue boxes does a woman need?

If you want to truly impress your mum this Mothers Day (yes I mean you Bonnie, I know you're reading this), then pop down to Boots and buy her the Rainbow Eyes Reborn set. It's 25 eye colours in one set, yup 25...plus applicators and Shadowline which cleverly turns any eyeshadow into an eyeliner. Oh and it's half price for Mothers Day at only £15. I know you only get £2.50 pocket money, but I'm expecting Daddy to pay.

I do, however, love a handmade Mothers Day card.

Find out more at www.frontcovercosmetics.com


Anonymous said...

i would love thisfor mothers day as well!!

steph xox

Beauty Cult said...

Hope you get one Steph! xx