19 December 2008

Beauty Myths debunked: Everyone CAN wear red lipstick

The Truth: Every girl can, and should, wear a red lipstick. It’s all about getting the right shade.

Red is never going to be a ‘natural’ look, but it's one that chosen carefully we can all wear, plus it's perfect for the Christmas season.

The important thing to consider (as with choosing any lip color), is how natural or contrasting it will be with your skin tone.

If your skin is a cool tone and you’re quite pale, you’re lucky in that you’ll be able to wear most shades of red. True red will compliment the rose tones in your skin and cool, pink-reds and berry-red shades will work well too. However, steer clear of warm reds such as orangey or tomato-red shades.

If your skin tone is darker and more golden then the exact opposite will apply. All warm reds will work, so look for shades with tomato, brick or rusty tones.

If in doubt, head to a make-up counter and experiment! And remember, Marilyn Monroe looked fabulous with red lips, but so does Jennifer Lopez.

MAC have 20% of lipstick sets until December 29th, the perfect way to experiment with colour. Try Passions of Red or Adoring Carmine. Visit your local MAC store, buy online, or see if your local department store is participating.

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Ericwipe287 said...

Yes, Red is an evergreen favorite color for all females.

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