4 December 2008

Beauty Myths: Junk food is bad for your skin

We all know that a healthy diet is best for a healthy body. However there’s no evidence that chocolate, chips and junk food directly cause spots!

Spots are caused by hormonal problems and/or ducts in the skin becoming blocked by sebum and bacteria.
The best way to keep your skin clear is to stick to the basics: cleanse, tone and moisturise with good quality skin-care products twice a day.

My routine includes cleansing with Eve Lom's Cleanser twice a day, using a light but effective moisturiser (either Eve Lom's SPF 15, or Rodial's Glamotox) and attacking any spots that do break through with a Salicylic acid based treatment, for instan
ce Dermalogica's Medibac Overnight Clearing Gel or Jan Marini's Bioclear Lotion.

I also use a face mask every three days, Balaton Spa's is wonderful.

A monthly facial will also help, I find the Karin Herzog's Pore Draw works wonders. The Karin Herzog site can help you find a salon near you.

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BeautyScientist said...

I have a feeling that your diet can affect your skin, at least in some cases and under some circumstances.