27 September 2010

Origins VitaZing with Mangosteen - could it be magic?

Already a cult product in the USA, Origins VitaZing has just hit the UK. And it's easy to see why our American friends love it so much.

It's marketed as an energy boosting moisturiser, but it's so much more. It contains a mineral pigment, which is invisible at first, but releases a subtle sheer colour which adapts to your skintone, giving your skin a fresher - more awake appearance. Sounds impossible? Well I thought so, but then I tried it, and this baby really does what it says on the tube.

It might sound like something concocted out of nasty chemicals, but even on my hyper sensitive skin Origins products have always been brilliant, and this one is no different. So I'd recommend for others with skin of a sensitive disposition.

Use in place of your usual moisturiser, (it's SPF 15, which is a bonus)). Today I've only had a few hours sleep, so I experimented with dabbing it on on top of my make-up at lunch time to give my skin an extra boost. Probably not something the professionals would recommend, but at least it helped me brave the playground at school pick up.

So could it be magic? well it's the closest thing to magic I've tried in a while - though I'm still not sure what a mangosteen is!

VitaZing is available from Selfridges London during September, and nationwide from October 1st 2010 for £25.

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