24 September 2010

Beauty stuff that sits on my desk

My desk is a tip. I'm not over egging it here, if it wasn't so messy I could find my camera battery recharge lead and take a photo of it for you. Amongst the chaos lurks various beauty products that for some reason or other never make it off my desk.

So here's the list:

Rococo Nail Apparal (packaging only) 
time on desk 2 months
This was a nail varnish I bought from Space NK in Bath on a romantic weekend away. My hubby decided this was the perfect weekend to buy himself a new guitar (his 7th), so I needed to shop. The nail varnish (Brown Button) was so-so, but the packaging is devine, never has more effort been put into packaging nail varnish.

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Serum (unopened) 
time on desk - 8 months
I love this stuff but laziness has stopped me moving it into the bathroom and actually using it. I'm happy with my skincare routine at the moment, and because I often work on auto pilot, I just can't seem to remember to incorporate this stuff.

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (almost empty) 
time on desk - 6 months
The only thing that really helps my hands during the winter when they get painfully dry. Has probably been lurking here since last winter. Must get more.

Good Skin Instant Lightening Eye Cream (opened once, applied to hand)
time on desk 10 months
No idea if this is any good as applying to hand isn't best test. I only suffer from dark shadows after a particularly heavy weekend and my social life has been nearly non-existent lately so haven't had reason to try.

Oh and my Anika haul from previous post, as I'm too lazy to take them back to the bathroom - time on desk 1 day

So what beauty products lurk on your desk?

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