11 November 2010

Etre Touchy Gloves

I get very cold hands. (actually hands and feet, but we'll save feet for a future post). And I do LOVE my iPhone. I own lots of gloves, some cheap, some expensive, some with fingers, some without. The fundamental problem with gloves is that in order to keep your hands really warm (surely their main purpose?) they need fingers, and gloved fingers can't do all the stuff that fingers are supposed to do. Therein lies the problem.

Enter Etre's Touchy Gloves; they're normal woolly gloves, with the ends of the thumb and digit finger missing. Simple idea, yet it makes such a difference. Not only can use my iPhone and iPad (I know, I'm such an Apple girl) with these babies on, but I can also rummage in the bottom of my bag, find my keys and open my front door in them - result.

Yes the ends of my thumb and finger get a little chilly, but I scrunch my hands up when I'm not texting or whatever. It's a small price to pay. On the tube today a woman opposite me could not stop staring at my gloves, either she wants some, or she's some sort of hand freak.

They come in many nifty colour combinations, but the lovely PR people for Etre sent me the black with grey tips, which I love. In fact they're just like the ones in this picture of someone using an iPad, which isn't me as my nails are purple today and my hands are much smaller than those.

They're £19.99 which isn't cheap for gloves, but at least you'll get lots of wear out of them, if like me, you usually buy gloves that end up living in the bottom of your handbag.

You can see the whole range on the Etre shop site.

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