27 January 2011

Nivea Pure & Natural

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It's good to see that the larger, high street beauty brands are launching more natural based products, and the latest contender is Nivea with it's Pure & Natural range.

The range includes face, body and hand care, and the products contain 95% natural ingredients and are free from parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oil

An ingredient that features in many of these products is Argan oil, a great source of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant.  Nivea say it's long been a beauty secret of  Berber women from Moroccan, and have sourced their aragon oil from a cooperative in Mogador the Argan Oil which supports the Berber Women and provides the rural population with a stable income. 

Nivea Pure & Natural is affordable on even a small beauty budget, starting at just £1.99 for the lip balm, £3.05 for the handcream and £8.49 for the anti-ageing day cream.

Something I'm particularly impressed about is that all the Pure & Natural cartons include the FSC logo, signifying recycled, sustainable materials and responsible forestry management.  The containers are also smaller to ensure they take up as little space as possible, reducing the number of transport journeys required. 

Nivea Pure & Natural is on sale from February 20th, 2011. 
Find out more at www.nivea.co.uk

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