24 October 2008

Celebrity rehab

What have Dermot O’Leary, Steve Jones and Alex Zane all got in common? Hmm, well apart from being gorgeous, they're all fans of Rehab, a cool new range of products for men. The woman behind the range is Lisa Hilton, a hair and make-up artist who has worked with celebrities such as Beck and Kasabian. The range includes moisturisers and shaving balms, and starts at £22.50, however I can't promise it will turn your fella into a Steve Jones look-a-like...

22 October 2008

Credit crunch beauty

Fed up of buying products that just don't do the job? Roc are so confident in their products that if they don't work, you can get your money back. Offer ends November 4th, so get to the shops quick sharp. My personal fav? The Retin-Ox Eye Cream (£19.95)

Boost your assets

Britain might be going bust, but our facination with big boobs is going nowhere. A leading cosmetic surgery provider has announced a 135 percent increase in UK women boosting their assets. Heaven knows where they're getting the cash from...

Rodial Glamotox Peel

Yet another fantastic addition to the Glamotox range. This clay mask gives a virtual facelift like result in ten minutes. £70 well spent.

Order it from LookFantastic.com and get a free sample of Rodial's Glamotox SPF 18.