28 November 2008

A new lipstick experience: Cremesheen from MAC

Bored with the whole 'lipgloss or lipstick' dilemma? There is hope, and MAC's new lippy gives you a third option.

This new lip colour is unlike anything we've tried before. It's subtle, and yet in-your-face all at once.

It's got a smooth, creamy texture and yet there's nothing granny-like about it. It'll freshen up your look in a jiffy.

Available in 14 different fabulous colours, it'll become your best friend for Christmas parties.

Free Clinique products!

Want to know how to get free Clinique goodies this Christmas? Then read on.

Those lovely people at Clinique are launching ‘12 Days of Christmas Giving’, which means from December 1st – 12th anyone who spends £35 or more on Clinique products online will receive a luxury Clinique gift.

Better still, you can choose which gift suits you most. Pick from:

The Gift of Beauty which contains All About Eyes 5ml, High Definition Mascarain Black and Deep Comfort Body Butter 40ml all in a white Clinique wash bag.

The Gift of Glamour which includes Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover 30ml, High Impact Mascara in Black and Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Currant 5ml in a silver Clinique wash bag.

The Gift of Clear Skin which includes sample sized treats of Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel 15ml, Anti-Blemish Cleansing Bar 15g and Anti-Blemish Moisturizer 15ml in a blue Clinique wash bag.

The Gift of Mens Grooming which includes Skin Supplies For Men Face Scrub 15ml, Skin Supplies For Men Maximum Hydrator 15ml and Skin Supplies For Men Regular Strength Face Wash 15ml all packaged in a grey Clinique For Men wash bag.

So get shopping at www.clinique.co.uk!

27 November 2008

British boobs are a pain in the neck

It’s Friday, so here’s a pointless boob fact. Did you know the average boob size in the UK was a whopping 34DD? Yup it’s true, so contrary to popular belief, British women don’t want bigger boobs, and in fact a quarter of us want smaller breasts!

In a survey carried out by Figleaves.com and The British Chiropractic Association 70% of women said they’d suffered from back pain, and 47% claimed their breast size affects their posture.

So following on from last week's story where we revealed Manchester to be the boob job capital of the UK, let's breath a sigh of relief that not everyone wants tits like Nicola McLean’s.

Nail polish from Zoya: Toxic free AND sexy

The first thing you need to know about Zoya nail polishes is that they are toxic free, containing no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. The second is that their winter 2008 colour range rocks!

The idea came to founder Zoya Reyzis while she was pregnant and looking for a healthier and more durable nail polish.

The winter 2008 range includes some fab colours, including Kalista – a warm dark brown, and Cyma - a sexy, sparkly red.

Zoya products can be found in salons and spas around the world, or from Zoya online and has won rave reviews from us beauty journalists.

26 November 2008

How to get rid of blackheads

Yup they’re pretty gross, but how many of us know what a blackhead actually is? It’s a common myth that blackheads are dirt, but they’re not and even the cleanest skin can be prone to them if it’s not treated properly.

A blackhead is just a blockage in a pore of your skin. What blocks is the a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells, the black colour is created by the fact that dead skin cells oxidise.

The best way to get rid of blackheads (and stop more from forming) is to exfoliate regularly. And that goes for men as well as women. The more you exfoliate the less chance dead skins cells will have to turn into blackheads. I love Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, it contains rice brand and is gentle enough to use every day. It's normally £31, but if you follow my link (above) you can order it for the bargain price of £22.50.

The best budget buy is Neutrogena's Visably Clear Daily Scrub, although as this product contains salicylic acid, I'd only use it once or twice a week until you're sure it's right for your skin.

Regular facial’s can also help. Book an 'extraction facial', where the beautician will actually remove the excess sebum from your skin. Yukky, but worthwhile. My beautician swears she kept her 15 year-old son’s acne and blackheads at bay with regular extraction facials.

Credit crunch boosts cosmetic surgery

New research has shown that youth boosting cosmetic surgery procedures are on the up, as older workers try and stay looking good in the workplace.

Figures for people aged 45-46 taking up treatments have doubled this year. Harley Medical Group say they're increasingly seeing patients who want to look as young as they feel, particularly as competition for jobs becomes fiercer during the credit crunch.

Botox is also getting more and more popular, with 51% more treatments being performed this year than last.

25 November 2008

Balaton Spa face mask

This is a face mask with a major fan base! Its fans include nearly every beauty editor in the UK, plus Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah

OK it looks terrifying (it's as jet black as can be) but it contains an amazing 331 ingredients, and believe me, it works wonders! It can be used on all skin types and only needs to be left on the face for three minutes. It's had brilliant results on people with acne, although anyone will see glowing, face lift like results.
Better still, a 100ml jar gives you enough for 16 facials, and is £24.99, reduced to £24.99 for the Christmas and New Year period if you order from Balaton Spa direct.

24 November 2008

Perfect coverage: Lancome Adaptive Foundation

I ask a lot of a liquid foundation, and I really didn't believe I'd ever find one that did EVERYTHING.

What I'm looking for is great coverage, that looks natural, feels natural (by that I mean I don't feel like I'm wearing a mask all day) and lasts the whole day long. Well I've found it, Lancome's Adaptive SPF 10 is the foundation I've been searching for. 

Apply with a brush for a truly flawless look. Buy yours hereLancome Adaptive Skin Balancing Makeup SPF10 (30ml)

Win an iPod Nano with Redken

I love Redken hair care products, especially the All Soft range which best leaves my hair soft and glossy. From 24th - 30th November, order any Redken product from Look Fantastic and you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw with a chance of winning an iPod Nano. What better reason to stock up on great hair care products!

22 November 2008

Easy peasy nails with Inkredibles

Nail varnish is tricky stuff, and many of us still struggle to achieve the manicured look, without actually shelling out for a manicure. But that's all set to change. Marian Newman “is to nails what Karl Lagerfeld is to frocks”, and she's created the simplest way to colour nails yet. Inkredibles is a range of water based nail colours, which some in a brush pen (a bit like a felt tip). The colour will wash off if you go a bit wobbly, but when you get it right just apply the glossy topcoat to seal the colour in. Colours (and top coat) dry is just 10-20 seconds. Genius.

Showcased backstage at the MTV Europe Awards, Mel B, Heidi from Sugababes, Estelle, Jamelia and Alesha Dixon said they were big fans.

21 November 2008

Benefit: 15% off this weekend

This weekend you can get 15% off Benefit Cosmetics if you order online and use the code BENE3DAY. The offer ends Sunday 23rd November, so hurry up!

Click here for the Benefit website.

My favourite Benefit product? Danelion, the perfect perk you up powder, £22.50.

Bigger boobs up North

Fancy a pointless boob job statistic to get you through this Friday afternoon?

It seems that the rivalry between the North and the South of Britain, even extends to breasts.

Figures on boob job enquiries and procedures have shown that the northwest is the breast capital of the UK, with Manchester coming out miles ahead of anywhere else in the race for getting the best (or at least biggest) breasts.

Women in London and the Southwest seem to be content with their breasts, with a significantly lower proportion of boob job enquiries and procedures than other areas of the country.

19 November 2008

Great products for acne or spots

Spots are a pain. Whether you suffer all the time, or just get the occasional zit, here's my guide to getting and staying spot free.

Product wise, there are two approaches when trying to get spot free. Blitz them, or soothe them. It’s easy to overload your skin with products if you’re spotty and getting desperate. But try treating your skin delicately and you may find it will calm down and heal itself, which should results in less spots.

Dr Hauschka products are pure, organic and gentle. Try cleansing Cream (£12), followed by Facial Toner (£18) and Normalizing Day Oil (£18). The Day Oil can feel a bit odd, it may appear oily but it will help your skin balance its oil levels.

An Origins survey claims that 84% of people asked said that their skin was soothed and calmed by the Mega-Mushroom Programme, and having tried it I’d agree. If you buy just one product make it Origins Mega Mushroom Face Serum, (£40 for 30ml, or £50 for 50ml).

Eve Lom’s magnificent Cleanser (£48 for 100ml lasts about six months, £78 for 200ml) is also a great product for sensitive spotty skin. Follow Eve’s technique of applying, removing with a hot muslin cloth, and then applying a cold muslin cloth, for the best results.

If you need to take it up a gear, check back here next week for my guide to some tougher spot products.

18 November 2008

Get skin like Vanessa Hudgens

Have you ever wondered how Vanessa Hudgens keeps that perfect complexion? Believe it or not, she uses a vibrator! OK, not that sort of vibrator, it's actually a vibrating power cleanser.

It's the Neutrogena Wave, a gadget with a vibrating action and disposable foaming pads, which work together to remove make up and dirt and getting your skin super clean.

The Wave might be new to us Brits, but it's best seller in the US, with almost 1.4 million sold between January and August 2008.

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens said: “I’ve used a lot of cleansers, but I’ve never tried anything like the Wave. My skin looks softer right away – even my friends noticed.”

Now I can't promise it'll give you Vanessa's youthful glow, but as least you'll feel like you've tried!

Neutrogena Wave is available from Boots. Power Cleanser with 14 pads, £12.99. Pack of 30 Refill Pads, £4.99

17 November 2008

New from Dermalogica: MultiVitamin Thermafoliant

Want to get your skin REALLY clean? This may be the answer. Dermalogica have taken exfoliation to another level with the introduction of MultiVitamin Thermafoliant, part of the brilliant AGE Smart range. Not only does is ensure you get rid of dead cells, but it also warms up on your skin, perfect winter skin care. Out soon for £35 and sure to be a hit.

Get celebrity hair with Tara Smith

Celebrity hairstylist Tara Smith recently launched her natural and organic hair products, and the celebs just can't get enough of them. My personal favourite is the Base Coat Serum, which tames my hair and keeps it super soft. And it's nice to know I'm in A-list company!

“Tried the products today and I loved the smell, the feel, the texture, the simplicity etc. ”
Demi Moore

“Tara Smith's Base Coat Serum I love! It works really well with my curly hair and makes it feel lovely and soft.”
Anna Friel

“Keeping my afro hair tame is no mean feat but luckily Tara's serum does it for me!”
June Sarpong

"Tara Smith's Base Coat Serum is my must have hair product"
Natalie Imbruglia

"Tara Smith Base Coat Serum is my must-have styling product"
Neve Campbell

The Tara Smith range is available in Tesco.

15 November 2008

Cindy Crawford, can you believe she's 42?

She was one of the world's most famous super-model's, and a new photo shoot for French Vogue's December issue shows she still looks incredible. Before we all bow our heads in shame and contemplate our own ageing faces, just remember, at 42 looking stunning isn't impossible, it just takes more time, effort, and money.

Thankfully Cindy is an honest kind of girl, and unlike many celebs, she’s never tried to pull the wool over our eyes with irritating comments like 'I don’t exercise I just run about after the kids' or 'I haven’t had Botox, I just drink lots of water'. In an interview with Gala magazine back in 2006 Cindy commented "I'm not going to lie to myself: past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen."

We know Botox won't give us your killer body Cindy, but we love you for your honest skin care advice!

Dr Nick Lowe Double Duty SPF15 Hand Cream

Need to justify your beauty purchases? Buying from a dermatologist's range can make you feel saintly, whilst still giving great results. I've always been a fan of Dr Nick Lowe's product range, and now he's introduced a hand cream to help keep our paws silky soft and protected from the cold winter elements. It contains SPF 15 and retinol, so it's perfect for anyone who's worried about their hands ageing. Only £12.95 from Boots.

14 November 2008

Karin Herzog give to Children in Need

Karin Herzog make fab skin care products, and they're a generous bunch - donating 10% of today's retail sales to Children in Need.

I swear by Dynamic Duo, the only cellulite cream I've tried that genuinely works. So order online, get a smooth bum AND help Children in Need.

13 November 2008

Soap & Glory move into skincare

Cult beauty brand Soap & Glory is one of my personal favourites. With fabulous fifties inspired packaging and gorgeous smelling products the products are both affordable and desirable!

Luckily for us, Soap and Glory have expanded into skincare. With names such as Catch a Wrinkle in Time, Mighty Mouth and my personal face, Glow Job, these are sure to be a massive hit. Available in Boots and Harvey Nichols.

12 November 2008

Myface, for the celebrity touch

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the best make-up artists in the world. To prove the point, her clients include Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore.

Her new range of cosmetics, Myface, is now available in Boots cosmetics departments, and gives every girl a chance for a touch of her magic. The range is split into fair, medium and dark, in an attempt at idiot proofing cosmetics shopping.

Charlotte claims the most common question she’s asked is “What colour lip gloss, blush etc. would you use on my face?” The answer? “ The right colours dramatically enhance your overall appearance and the wrong ones can really detract.”

11 November 2008

Get intimate with Eve Lom

If you despair of your skin, help is at hand as skincare guru Eve Lom is hosting 1-2-1 consultations! You can get the chance to meet Eve at Harrods on the 26th November 2008.

During the 15 minute session she will analyse your skin and make a personalised skincare recommendation, as well as sharing some of her best kept skincare secrets. Each appointment will end with the consumer receiving free beauty products worth more than £40!

Tickets for a consultation with Eve are priced at £25, get yours by calling the Eve Lom counter at Harrods 020 7730 1234 ext: 2781. Tickets are redeemable against any Eve Lom product purchased on the day. So get dialing...

Ooooh so sexy lipgloss

Pucker up with DKNY this season

Oh how I love a limited edition lipgloss, and these are some of the best I've seen in ages. Guaranteed to keep your pout perfectly moisturised and kissably soft whatever the occasion. Available in six shades, Midnight Kiss will be perfect for under the mistletoe.
DKNY Lip Gloss, £12, available in most department stores.