21 June 2011

Priori Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF30

I'm always on the look out for a daily face cream with a high SPF.

My requirements are:
Not too greasy
Doesn't give me spots
Isn't jam packed full of chemicals
Doesn't give me sore red patches
Doesn't leave a white residue
Doesn't cost as much as a weekend break.

Lately, even creams that I used to like have given me problems, I recently re-puchased Origins A Perfect World SPF 25, which I used to love. Now it gives me spots. Very annoying.

So I was very keen to try this new product from Priori. I have a fair bit of sun damage, in my teens I really believed that coconut oil was all I needed all summer long. If only I could go back and shake myself. So now I'm ultra careful, but decent levels of SPF can be tricky when you've got sensitive skin.

You don't need much of this cream, I'd recommend squeezing a small blob onto the palm and warming it by rubbing between your hands to thin it a little before applying. On me, it does sting/tingle slightly when I first apply it - which is sometimes a sign I'll get a reaction - but the feeling quickly goes, and luckily I've had no bad reaction at all. No spots, no soreness, no greasiness.

It also contains AHA, so it's targeting the signs of ageing I already have, as well as helping protect me from the sun.

Another bonus - it's only £17. It's not that easy to track down , so call 0845 555 2121 for stockist info.

20 June 2011

YOUTH - supplements to help stop ageing, by Dr Sister

Regular readers will recognise the name Dr Daniel Sister as being my go-to man for ahem, let's called it 'aesthetic maintenance'. 

He's a very respected doctor, who specialises in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, from injectables to peels, hormone balancing to lipotherapy.  He's utterly honest and trustworthy, with a reputation for not going ahead with procedures he things unnecessary - a breathe of fresh air in the beauty industry.

As well as introducing groundbreaking new treatments into the UK, Dr Sister has been working on a food supplement aimed at stimulating the production of growth hormones. Growth hormones deplete as we age - our body make less and less - leaving us to age as, amongst other things, our skin looses elasticity - so taking a supplement to boost production seems like a no-brainer.

Although similar products have been available before, this is the first time there's genuinely been enough of the right stuff in one capsule to show any benefit. This is because rather than mixing with up with other ingredients, the focus of this capsule to just on boosting production of growth hormones and YOUTH does this through a combination of amino acids and marine plant extracts.

YOUTH is available through Beauty Works West (which is also where he practices) and is £59 for one months supply or £150 for a three month supply. You should be able to see a difference in around six weeks but the effects are cumulative, so you will need to keep taking them.

Personally I'd recommend a consultation with Dr Sister to discuss how you are ageing and make sure it's the right thing for you. Go see him, have a chat, and tell him I sent you x

16 June 2011

Miracle product: Dr Lewinn's Renunail

It's rare that I rave about a product quite this much, but this particular product is truly fabulous.

My nails were going through a scrappy phase. Breaking, flaking, never getting to any length. Generally looking sad and uncared for, no matter how much effort I went to. But this all changed with, quite honestly, the very best nail product I have ever tried.

Dr Lewinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener goes on like clear nail polish. Put two coats on to start with, and then apply another layer every day for five days. You don't remove each day, just build up layer on layer, which gives a lovely finish. Then remove and start again. Repeat three times, then allow your nails to 'rest' for one - two weeks.

Oh and I also massaged Renunail Nourishing Oil into my cuticles after each coat has dried.

My nails are now, quite simply, fantastic. Even a manicurist has asked me my secret.

Dr Lewinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener come in a double size bottle (30ml) and retails at £21.
Renunail Nourishing Oil is £13 for 15ml.

I don't normally over-plug where to go and buy stuff, but I really, really want you to buy this, so it's available from Debenhams and other retailers, call 01892 750850 for details.

Without a doubt, one of the best beauty products I have ever tried.

Paul Mitchell giveaway!

It's time for a summer giveaway!
The lovely people at Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care are offering 5 lucky Beauty Cult readers a set of holiday style essentials worth a whopping £24.99!  Packed in the limited edition drawstring wash bag (very handy for your holidays) is Shampoo One® for a gentle tropical wash, The Conditioner™ for multi-use leave-in moisture (a great summer product), Soft Sculpting Spray Gel® for a soft natural style and Freeze and Shine Super Spray® for lasting shine and hold with essential UV protection to help look after your hair in the summer sun.
To win a set just follow Beauty Cult and leave a comment including your email address or twitter name. Oh and if you want to tell me your ultimate holiday beauty product that'd be smashing.
Closing date is midnight 30th June 2011. UK only.  I'm picking the winners and my decision is final. So there.
Plus - if you visit a participating Paul Mitchell salon and purchase any four Paul Mitchell 100ml products you'll receive the fab candy stripped wash bag worth £8.99 absolutely free! Yes Free! Available at participating salons throughout July and August 2011.

And the winners are: 


Thanks for entering, I'll be in touch to arrange for you to receive your prizes! 

9 June 2011

Can this beard trimmer handle Mr Beauty Cult's beard?

I like a hairy man, and luckily Mr Beauty Cult has a fair bit of facial hair, which over the years has developed from rock star side-burns, through to designer stubble and on to his current, rather dashing, short beard. 

The thing with a short beard (I've learnt this through hearing his almost daily rants) is that it takes maintenance. And as with any beauty task, maintenance requires the right tools. So when I was offered a Remington MB4110 Beard Trimmer Stubble kit to try, I though this might be the beard trimmer to stop the whinging...

So now I'll hand over to Mr Beauty Cult.

"I own four beard trimmers, none of which I like.

Actually there is one that I quite like, but I lost its charger on holiday so now it's useless. Instead of buying a new charger for it, which would have cost the best part of 20 quid, I bought a cheap beard trimmer from Boots' own range. Being cheap, it's not powerful enough and chews up my beard rather than trimming it. Basically it's useless.

I do have a travel Remmington which I was pretty happy with except that the trimmer guard never fitted properly and eventually snapped in half rendering it, you guessed it? Useless, well almost; I still use it for a close trim around the upper lip and nostrils.

So how will this new Remmington MB4110 fare against the challenge of my beard. Things get off to a bad start because the ubiquitous numbering system used by every beard trimmer I've ever used, which tells the user how close the trim guard is set, is missing. It's been replaced by a fine measurement wheel, but I only realise this after I've shaved a big tramline into my cheek. 

I don't like this new fine measurement system. How am I supposed to know the exact measurement I want my beard to be, down to the millimetre? All I know is my neck and moustache are a 3 and my cheeks are a 4. Anyway enough about that. Once you master the fine measurement this trimmer is actually pretty impressive. It is well made, powerful enough, slim enough for travel and can even be charged by USB which might seem like a novelty at first, but I suspect will prove very useful for my various trips abroad."

So there we have it. He did have a strop about the measurement system, and believe me, as male strops go it was a big one. But overall he's impressed. And he's a hard man to please. So if you fancy letting your man grow a beard, get his the Remington MB4110 Beard Trimmer Stubble kit so you don't have to listen to his daily moans about beard maintenance. 

And for all you clean shaven fans out there - you don't know what you're missing :)