18 November 2008

Get skin like Vanessa Hudgens

Have you ever wondered how Vanessa Hudgens keeps that perfect complexion? Believe it or not, she uses a vibrator! OK, not that sort of vibrator, it's actually a vibrating power cleanser.

It's the Neutrogena Wave, a gadget with a vibrating action and disposable foaming pads, which work together to remove make up and dirt and getting your skin super clean.

The Wave might be new to us Brits, but it's best seller in the US, with almost 1.4 million sold between January and August 2008.

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens said: “I’ve used a lot of cleansers, but I’ve never tried anything like the Wave. My skin looks softer right away – even my friends noticed.”

Now I can't promise it'll give you Vanessa's youthful glow, but as least you'll feel like you've tried!

Neutrogena Wave is available from Boots. Power Cleanser with 14 pads, £12.99. Pack of 30 Refill Pads, £4.99

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