19 November 2008

Great products for acne or spots

Spots are a pain. Whether you suffer all the time, or just get the occasional zit, here's my guide to getting and staying spot free.

Product wise, there are two approaches when trying to get spot free. Blitz them, or soothe them. It’s easy to overload your skin with products if you’re spotty and getting desperate. But try treating your skin delicately and you may find it will calm down and heal itself, which should results in less spots.

Dr Hauschka products are pure, organic and gentle. Try cleansing Cream (£12), followed by Facial Toner (£18) and Normalizing Day Oil (£18). The Day Oil can feel a bit odd, it may appear oily but it will help your skin balance its oil levels.

An Origins survey claims that 84% of people asked said that their skin was soothed and calmed by the Mega-Mushroom Programme, and having tried it I’d agree. If you buy just one product make it Origins Mega Mushroom Face Serum, (£40 for 30ml, or £50 for 50ml).

Eve Lom’s magnificent Cleanser (£48 for 100ml lasts about six months, £78 for 200ml) is also a great product for sensitive spotty skin. Follow Eve’s technique of applying, removing with a hot muslin cloth, and then applying a cold muslin cloth, for the best results.

If you need to take it up a gear, check back here next week for my guide to some tougher spot products.

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