11 March 2009

Botox makes you happy!

We all know the pros and cons of Botox, but have you ever considered it could make you happier?

A new study has revealed that the injections can help alleviate depression. The research, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, shows that relaxation of the corrugator (frown) muscles leads to less facial feedback for negative emotions. The upshot is, it's harder to maintain a negative mood, putting you in a more positive frame of mind.

Dr Patrick Bowler, Medical Director of Court House Clinics is unsurprised by the results of the study, and reveals that this may be one of the reasons patients are less likely to give up Botox treatments during an economic downturn.

“For many years I have noted the positive effect of Botox cosmetic treatments on my clients, including some who have been suffering from mild depression. Despite the current recession we have not seen a decline in the demand for Botox in our clinics. We now have proof that alongside the ‘feel good’ factor that a cosmetic treatment can provide, there are also psychological mechanisms at work that show treatments such as Botox that prevent frowning correlate with a more positive mood.”

Dr Bowler put the theory to the test and the mood of 25 patients who had received Botox treatment for glabellar frown lines at Court House Clinics was measured and compared with patients who had received other cosmetic treatments. The patients treated with Botox showed a significantly less negative mood.

Personally speaking, it works for me. I suffer from frown lines. They make me look grumpy, which in turn makes me grumpy. Botox works wonders but it has to be administered by the right person, the cliché of a frozen face only happens if you get injections from somone who doesn't know what they're doing; there's a fine line between anti-ageing and getting rid of your natural expressions.

So girls, can Botox make you happy? Has it worked for you? Let me know!

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