26 February 2009

Brits go nuts for Vanessa Hudgens' skin regime

We told you about the Neutragena Wave way back in November 2008, and it seems there's no chance of it's popularity fading. Latest sales figures show it's selling at a rate of one every five minutes, and that's in Boots stores alone!

So is this a cult product that we should all be using? Or are we being total suckers believing it can give us skin like Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa tells us "I’ve used a lot of cleansers, but I’ve never tried anything like the Wave. My skin looks softer right away – even my friends noticed.”

Fair enough, but let's not forget that Vanessa is 20 years old and completely stunning, Neutragena Wave may be fantastic, but it can't work miracles!

If you're one of the few women not to have tried the Wave:
Neutrogena Wave Starter Kit (with 14 pads), £12.71
Neutrogena Wave Refill Kit (30 pads), £4.88

If you have tried it - let me know how you got on!

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