12 February 2009

Are you a beauty product oniomaniac?

Is your shopping obsession getting out of hand? Do you buy beauty products each and every week? Do you obsess about getting the very best products in the latest colours? Does shopping give you a kick? Is your bathroom full to bursting point with the latest creams and potions? If so you could be an oniomaniac - and it’s got nothing to do with onions.

Oniomania is the compulsive desire to shop, it’s been described in the US as the disease that could save the economy, and it could strike any of you beauty fans at any time.

Thanks to the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, oniomania is the lastest buzz word. Now there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest trends, taking care of your skin and giving yourself a little pampering. Let’s face it; if that wasn’t the case I’d be out of a job. But take it easy girls, please don’t hammer the credit card too hard, and I promise to introduce you to some great budget buys!


Heather said...

I WANT to spend money on these things, it's just that there's nothing there to spend. :) So I'm not an oniomaniac, by default.

d@makeupbydeidra said...

Yes I am. I'm always so thrilled by the next BIG thing and it gets me into trouble. I try to buy just a little at a time, but when you do it every week it still adds up to being a bunch of money better spent elsewhere or not at all. I need help. :-(