3 April 2009

Are you suffering from ageing dysmorphia?

British women are trapped in a state of flux about how old they think they look versus their true age, according to a recent audit.

The audit, commissioned by anti-ageing brand Roc, reveals how women are continuously changing their minds about how well they believe they are ageing. Something which a psychologist has referred to as ‘ageing dysmorphia’.

More than half (55%) of the women said they looked younger than their years, but the irony is, when asked if they would like to look younger, 70% agree they would!

Psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments, “Women are experiencing something I like to call ageing dysmorphia. Every woman at some point scrutinises how well they think they are ageing which throws up a contradictory mixture of feelings - it is as much about what is going on in their mind and their self perception - which may sometimes be self-critical, distorted and negative: as it is about the actual lines on their face. What is clear, is ageing is an emotional minefield, with the audit also highlighting that the majority of women feel pressurised to stay looking young.”

So how do you feel? Do you think you look your age? Or even younger? How much does ageing matter to you? Is it possible to grow old gracefully or is looking younger all that matters? Let me know what you think!

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