19 October 2010

Help my hair is broken!

This is no exaggeration. Years of abuse has left my hair damaged beyond belief. You'd think I'd know better wouldn't you? But no, I'm a fool. A fool with broken hair.

So let's assess the damage.

I have very dark hair, the darkest brown without being black. And I started to go grey at around 26, so now, at 39, I really can't go more than 5 weeks without having my roots re-coloured. These days I always go to a salon, but once upon a time I also coloured it myself. So that doesn't help.

I also have inbetweeny hair. Naturally it's neither straight nor curly, so I've been in a constant battle with it to straighten things out. This had led to:

Using straightening irons for 20 years.

Yuko straightening system, twice. Once was great, once was ok (as in hair was straight) but it did dry the ends out.

IHR straightening, twice. Once was truly great. The second, a few years later was terrible. I'm still suffering the consequences, literally broken hair, frizzy dried out areas, just awful.

Brazilian Keratin permanent blow dry, twice. Once left me with a scaly, itchy scalp, but my hair was great. The second time it was kept away from scalp (but  itchy, flaky problem still happened) and really dried out the ends.

My current survival system is:
Kerastase Bain Divalent Balancing shampoo
Macadamia Deep Repair Mask
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

And as of last night I'm adding Origins Organics Hair Treatment Oil as an overnight treatment, which I'm currently pleased with. But for me the real test is whether it stays soft during the day, or just gets drier and drier as the day progresses. So I'll update you on this one.

I also get a trim every five weeks.

But really this is just maintenance, things aren't getting worse, but they're sure not getting any better. So if anyone out there knows how to save my hair please let me know, I'll really try anything.

PS I've Just found out that Origins Organic Hair Oil is now only available via the Boots website, not from Origins stores or counters. Shame, I'm liking it so far.


Dee Gallen said...

Try leaving some Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Hair Oil on overnight, I find this brilliant when I have crispy ends, the oils are very nourishing.

See the supporting comments on the product page

Karine Jackson said...

We use Organic Colour Systems colour that contains no ammonia, and I have
clients that colour their hair every 3 weeks and their hair is great
I would start you off with a Revamp treatment to rebuild your hair from the
inside and replace the missing protein, making it stable again. I'd then
recommend using the OCS Power Build range at home to restore your hair over
time leaving it glossy and stopping the breakage.

Beauty Cult said...

Hi Karine, thanks for much for you comments, love the sound of Organic Colour Systems and I'm looking forward to trying your products x

Ashleigh said...

You should try NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask by Davines. For best results apply the treatment mask to clean towel-dried hair and wrap the conditioned hair in cling film and soak in the bath, then the heat will activate the mask to sink deep into the hair shaft for extra repair.

da quality product (dqp) said...

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