20 June 2011

YOUTH - supplements to help stop ageing, by Dr Sister

Regular readers will recognise the name Dr Daniel Sister as being my go-to man for ahem, let's called it 'aesthetic maintenance'. 

He's a very respected doctor, who specialises in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, from injectables to peels, hormone balancing to lipotherapy.  He's utterly honest and trustworthy, with a reputation for not going ahead with procedures he things unnecessary - a breathe of fresh air in the beauty industry.

As well as introducing groundbreaking new treatments into the UK, Dr Sister has been working on a food supplement aimed at stimulating the production of growth hormones. Growth hormones deplete as we age - our body make less and less - leaving us to age as, amongst other things, our skin looses elasticity - so taking a supplement to boost production seems like a no-brainer.

Although similar products have been available before, this is the first time there's genuinely been enough of the right stuff in one capsule to show any benefit. This is because rather than mixing with up with other ingredients, the focus of this capsule to just on boosting production of growth hormones and YOUTH does this through a combination of amino acids and marine plant extracts.

YOUTH is available through Beauty Works West (which is also where he practices) and is £59 for one months supply or £150 for a three month supply. You should be able to see a difference in around six weeks but the effects are cumulative, so you will need to keep taking them.

Personally I'd recommend a consultation with Dr Sister to discuss how you are ageing and make sure it's the right thing for you. Go see him, have a chat, and tell him I sent you x


Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

oh wow these sound fabulous - wonder if it's poss to OD on them? ;-)

Beauty Cult said...

Haha - I might just check that....x

Natalie said...

Its funny, I can't find the complete ingredient listing anywhere for this supplement. Do you mind posting the actual details of the supplement so one may better be able to assess whether it actually has any benefit or is it just all talk and sale strategy as usual?

Beauty Cult said...

Natalie - sorry for the delay in replying, life has got in the way of me updating this site for the last few months.

I've checked the ingredients and they are as follows:
L arginine 520mg. L-Glutamine 520mg, L-Lysine 520mg, SOD (super oxy dismutase) 40mg

I don't generally feature supplements, but I've worked with Dr Sister a number of times over the last five or so years and I have real faith in his work on anti-ageing.

I hope this helps x

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Sara Lopez said...

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