21 June 2011

Priori Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF30

I'm always on the look out for a daily face cream with a high SPF.

My requirements are:
Not too greasy
Doesn't give me spots
Isn't jam packed full of chemicals
Doesn't give me sore red patches
Doesn't leave a white residue
Doesn't cost as much as a weekend break.

Lately, even creams that I used to like have given me problems, I recently re-puchased Origins A Perfect World SPF 25, which I used to love. Now it gives me spots. Very annoying.

So I was very keen to try this new product from Priori. I have a fair bit of sun damage, in my teens I really believed that coconut oil was all I needed all summer long. If only I could go back and shake myself. So now I'm ultra careful, but decent levels of SPF can be tricky when you've got sensitive skin.

You don't need much of this cream, I'd recommend squeezing a small blob onto the palm and warming it by rubbing between your hands to thin it a little before applying. On me, it does sting/tingle slightly when I first apply it - which is sometimes a sign I'll get a reaction - but the feeling quickly goes, and luckily I've had no bad reaction at all. No spots, no soreness, no greasiness.

It also contains AHA, so it's targeting the signs of ageing I already have, as well as helping protect me from the sun.

Another bonus - it's only £17. It's not that easy to track down , so call 0845 555 2121 for stockist info.


Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

My requirements are all pretty much the same as yours - this does sound impressive actually.

Beauty Cult said...

I've used it for two weeks and I've not had a spot, highest level of SPF I've managed to use for ages, feeling very worthy!

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