24 February 2009

Elemis: adding some extra beauty to London Fashion Week

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Lou Page is relying on Elemis to help her keep London Fashion Week models looking tip top throughout this week.

“Elemis products are always in my kit when I’m working on Fashion Week. My fave two products to use are the Eyes Awake Recovery Gel, as the perfect preparation product to revive the eyes before applying make-up. It’s great to lift and rejuvenate tired eyes and light in texture. Secondly, the Daily Redness Relief is a saviour to help reduce high red pigmentation. This is an essential prep before applying foundation to create a balanced even complexion.”

I can't guarantee they'll make you look like a model, but I'm a big fan of Elemis products - the Papaya Enzyme Peel is divine - but these products are definitely worth a try!

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