4 February 2009

Is Botox more important that paying bills?

Despite the credit crunch, many people are not prepared to give up on what they consider vital beauty treatments.

Following a surge in demand for Botox treatments at the Harpenden clinic, Dr Jain, Medical Director at Riverbanks reveals that many of his patients are adamant that the credit crunch will not impact on their beauty regime and are prepared to make sacrifices in others areas of their lives instead.

"Demand for Botox at the moment is rising and just last week, one patient told me she'd be prepared to give up anything except her Botox treatments. It would seem that many people are considering this once 'luxury' spend as an essential part of their lives and one which they don't intend on giving up just because the country is in recession", says Dr Jain.

Should we prioritise beauty over paying bills? is looking good essential to keeping your spirits up or a crazy, vain waste of money? Tell me what you think!