5 February 2009

The permanent hair removal – down there!

I’m a big fan of bikini line waxing; it’s worth it for the increased sensitivity alone, but I’m talking neat and tidy, not pre-pubescent.

Bikini line hair removal stepped into the 21st century with the possibility of permanent hair removal – which means you can now get your pubes laser zapped and therefore permanently removed.

But let’s not rush into anything ladies; we really are talking permanent removal here. I know loads of ladies (and men) love the naked feeling, but do you really want a smooth, hair free fanny for the rest of your life? This is a great treatment to tidy things up – I’m talking about any straggly bits likely to stick out of your bikini. But if you fancy a hair free experience, get waxed; it’s less radical.

According to Dr Patrick Bowler, Medical Director of Court House Clinics:
“Patients actually enjoy Soprano XL as it is painless compared to conventional laser hair removal treatments. It can also be used on patients with darker skins providing an increased safety margin without any reduction in efficacy. This really is a big step forward in the treatment of unwanted hair anywhere on the body”

Well I can’t say I’ve ever ‘enjoyed’ a bikini wax, so you could say this is a huge step forward. But personally I’d like to keep my pubic options open…

For more info visit www.painfreehairfree.com

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