9 February 2011

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel

I never feel that my face is clean unless water has been splashed on it, so I hate cleansers you remove with cotton wool and always favour those that need a muslin cloth and water.

My favourite cleanser of all time is Eve Lom, a close second is Karin Herzog's Professional Cleanser. But now Elemis have brought out a contender with their new product, Melting Cleansing Gel.

It's a similar proposition, you massage it into the face and remove with 'warm mitts' er...or a muslin cloth.

Key ingredients include the 'it' oil of the moment - argan, plus rice silk, assai fruit and rosemary leaf.

For me it's a close runner up to my favourites, it leaves my skin feeling deep-down clean, and it doesn't dry it out or leave a residue. Elemis claim it's suitable for all skin types, and as with the Eve Lom, I think this is probably true and that sensitive skins may really feel the benefit.

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel is on sale this month, RRP £19.40 for 125ml, which makes it a cheaper option than many.  Get yours from TimetoSpa or any of the usual Elemis outlets.


Breast augmentation said...

I'm using Elemis sample, and I think it is very cheap very little away. It's similar to that spread-ability is a primer. It smelled fresh, quickly remove and my skin was soft and moisturised. I am quite dry and sensitive skin. The only downside is that it says to keep away from eye area and have always been hard to get so close to my eyes when I'm using a cleaning product.

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