17 February 2011

TommyGuns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Range

I've bored you all for too long about my dry hair, so I'll cut to the chase on this one. TommyGuns Jasmine & Wild Nettle is developed for thirsty, dry, undernourished, or coloured hair, so for me (with all of those problems) it was definitely worth a shot.

The problem with most shampoos for dry hair is that they give me a greasy scalp. It doesn't go hand-in-hand that if your hair is dry so is your scalp, so often dry hair shampoos leave me with greasy roots. I also find they can leave my hair lacking in body - yes it needs the extra moisture, but you still want movement and body in it.

I've been using (the very pricey) Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent Shampoo for years to help with this problem - it does a great job of making sure the roots feel super-clean, and the ends get moisturised. I've struggled to find another shampoo that does the job half as well.

I've only been using these TommyGuns products for a few days, but so far they're doing really well. Not only does my hair feel clean and soft, but my frizzy dry bits feel manageable and my hair has more body that usual.

I’m going to keep going with these and report back in a few weeks.

* Update March 1st 2010
As I wash my hair daily I'm finding the shampoo a little rich on the roots. My dry ends are enjoying the moisture, but when used daily my roots are a bit greasy. However, a few times a week is fab.

TommyGuns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Shampoo and Conditioner are £5.50 each, available from Waitrose, John Lewis, Ocado and www.tommygunshaircare.com

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