9 February 2011

Organic Surge Colour Protect

I love Organic Surge. In a nutshell they're affordable products that aren't full of chemicals and are made by a company with a conscience. And they work. Read my last Organic Surge post for more background on the brand. 

So my latest Organic Surge test is Colour Protect, a shampoo and conditioner aimed at reducing colour fade and keeping colour treated hair in tip-top condition.

My hair is coloured every six weeks, it's very dry, but grows super fast, so keeping it in good condition is always a challenge. 

 When I used these products I did need to add my usual Macademia Deep Repair Mask, but if you knew how dry my hair was, you wouldn't be at all surprised.

When using any sodium lauryl sulphate free shampoo, remember that it won't foam up in the way that most shampoos do, but this doesn't mean it's not working, and it doesn't mean you need to use more than normal. It can be tricky to get used to, but they really can get your hair as clean as a super foamy product.

This is a great set of hair care, and at only £4.99 each, they give results that you would usually only expect from professional products with a much higher price. My hair is super shiny and the colour still looks great 4 weeks later. Plus I've used them on my daughter, as it makes me feel like a better mummy to use chemical free products on her long lovely hair.

The Organic Surge hair range also includes Blonde Boost, Volume Boost, Moisture Boost and Shine Boost, all are available from Organicsurge.com.


haj @ O.S said...

nice one! thrilled that you're enjoying our new hair care range, thanks for sharing the love Xx

Beauty Cult said...

I am truly impressed with the range, loved everything I've tried so far. Keep up the good work xx