17 May 2011

Origins gift set - fab purchase!

I wandered into Harrods the other day in search of an Origins moisturiser with high SPF. I went for A Perfect World Age-defense with SPF 25, as I've used it before, it's just about the highest SPF I can tolerate with getting a nasty rash.

Now usually I come away from beauty counters having spent three times as much as I thought I'd spend. But not today. The lovely, if slightly overly made up Origins Lady (the most black eyeliner I've seen during the day time since a daytime Siousxie and the Banshees gig), showed me that currently you can buy A Perfect World as part of a gift set for only £1 more than it costs alone. So for £32 I got:

A Perfect World SPF 25 50ml
A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser 50ml (hubby loves this)
Clear Improvement Mask 50ml (again, Mr Beauty Cult is a fan)
A Perfect World Eye Treatment 5ml (ok sample size, but still it all helps)
And a cute little facial sponge, which I've not tried it yet.

Quite simple, the best beauty bargain I've come across in a long time.

There's more info on the Origins website, and the offer is not exclusive to Harrods, so get shopping!

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