14 October 2010

Is this the ultimate lip balm?

As winter comes we all need to take a look at our skincare regime and make sure we're ready to survive the cold. For me, lips and hands suffer the most, so I was just a tad excited when Creme De La Mer's newly re-packaged lip balm arrived on my desk.

The skin on our lips turns over more than 4 times the speed of facial skin, so it needs extra protection, and many lip balms just aren't up to the job. My daughter is a little obsessed with lip balms, but recently I've realised that all the flavoured, tinted, sweet smelling balms she was using we actually drying out her lips. So we've chucked them all out and moved over to Carmex, a great product, but it's not glamorous.

The first thing to note about Creme De La Mer's lipbalm is the packaging. It's a gorgeous little pot with a silver lid. It also smells divine. It's a strange mix of vanilla and mint, sounds weird? smells fav. It's also makes your lips tingle slightly.

You can use it daily, or as an overnight treatment (which I haven't tried yet). Personally I'll keep mine in my handbag, as not only does it make my lips feel moisturised and smooth, but I feel just a little bit pleased with myself when I get it out of my make-up bag.

Of course there's a downside, it's £36 for 9g. But it's definitely worth putting on your Christmas list, or buying for your best friend. Until this little pot runs out, the Carmex is just for the kids.

And if anyone has a glamorous alternative to Body Shop Hemp hand cream for my dry hands, please let me know!

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