5 October 2010

Elemis Cedarwood Candle

Oh I do love a nice candle. 

Mr Beauty Cult would have a melt down (ha, get it?) if he ever discovered how much money I can spend on candles. I try and limit myself to rummaging in TK Maxx for most of them (you can find some beauties if you check every week) but I can't help the occasional splurge, my absolute favourite being Diptyque (in Baie, if I have a preference).

So I was very excited when the lovely people at Elemis sent me their Cedarwood Spa Candle to try. It's beautifully packaging in a pink box with bow. The candle comes in a black glass jar with a silver lid, very classy. The scent is a mixture of cedarwood, eucalyptus and rosemary, refreshing, yet relaxing at the same time - and most importantly not overpowering.
Plus all Elemis candles are made with 100% natural oils.

I think at £25 this candle is a bit of a bargain. Yes I know £25 isn't cheap, but cheap candles generally smell cheap, so they're money wasted. And I've been known to blow £36 on a Diptique.

It's perfect for sprucing up the living room for autumn, or as a fab birthday present for a girlfriend. If you fancy one, you can order Elemis candles online.

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