11 October 2010

Current obsession: green eye products

I've been a strictly grey/black/brown eye products kind girl for like, well forever. But recently I've been experimenting with green.

Once upon a time I thought of green eye shadows and liners are strictly for 1970's housewives, but either greens are getting better, or I've become a 1970's housewife...

My eyes are very, very dark brown - almost black, and I'm finding the greens can give them a little more sparkle.

Today's green haul:

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Mildew (has there ever been a more hideous colour name?)

Pixi Lid & Line in Smoky Olive

And of course, my favourite Stila Convertible Eye Colour.

So what's your opinion of green eye products? 

1 comment:

Bettina@BeautySwot said...

I love green eyeshadows, look amazing with my green eyes :-)