4 October 2010

Add a drop to your favourite beverage...

I struggle to feel truly healthy. I do some of the right things, I eat healthily, I don't smoke (anymore). But I do some things really badly. I exercise once a week at most, I buy supplements and forget to take them, I drink too much wine.

So I'm always on the look out for ways to cheat, to be healthy without putting in the effort.

Health Drops are a liquid supplement, you just need one drop, and it can be mixed into a drink. I'm going to quote the press release here: "Just squeeze one drop into a bottle of water or your favourite beverage and the potent formulation of nutrients, vitamins and minerals will be quickly absorbed to support detoxification, increase antioxidant levels, and promote and support a healthy immune system." 

Hmm favourite beverage....do you think red wine would count?

I've been sent Antiox, and a tiny 1ml serving of this stuff contains the same amount of antioxidants as 15 cups of green tea. And it's created from 'botanicals' - to you and I this is a mixture of teas, bilberry, pomegranate and other healthy bits & bobs. You can hardly taste it in water, perhaps a slight hint of green tea, but if you added to a bottle of water you really wouldn’t know it was there.

The thing that I find slightly odd about these supplements is that they're sold in Harvey Nicks rather than a health food shop. The press info says that "Functionalab joins the dots between nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals by approaching beauty from the perspective of health". Hmm what do you think about that? I'm sure being healthy does make us appear more beautiful, but I'm not sure about blurring the lines to this extent. Maybe women these days want to buy their supplements alongside their skin care, but to me it's still a little odd.

However, a few days in and I'm committed to taking Antox every day. I'm successfully fighting off a cold which Mr Beauty Cult and our daughter have succumbed to. So maybe it's the antioxidants helping me, or maybe I'll come down with it tomorrow, or maybe I just don't get colds that often.

The fact is, these days we all need to up the amount of antioxidants in our diet, I've had two people close to me diagnosed with cancer in the last year, so I'm ready to start taking this stuff seriously. Plus the retro looking little dropper bottle does look cool in the cupboard. 

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