29 September 2010

Could I look as good as Cindy Crawford?

Today I was sent two products from Cindy Crawford's beauty line - Meaningful Beauty.

Now personally, I'm suspicious of celeb branded products of any sort. I nearly died with irritation when the only oven dish that suited my needs was a Jamie Oliver one. If something's good, it should just be good, no need for the celeb branding. But maybe that's just me.

I've spent some time on the Meaningful Beauty website, and watched a very cheesy video with clips of ladies with perfect skin describing how they now have perfect skin like the 'icon' Cindy Crawford. Don't watch it, it's enough to put you off the brand before you've tried it.

But I'm going to try and put my cynicism aside. The range was developed with Dr John-Louis Sebagh, the famous cosmetic surgeon who is the brains behind the Dr Sebagh range. So there are serious credentials here, way beyond those of a model with fabulous skin.

I was sent the Eye Creme (why not cream? is Cindy Crawford French? I don't think so) and Glowing Serum, and I do need a new eye cream and I definitely need some glow. Reading the ingredients list there's nothing worrying, so I'm not concerned I'll get a reaction. Plus the Glowing Serum contains Vitamin C, and I've just been reading about the benefits of stabilised vitamin C  in beauty products - so I'm willing to give these a go.

So who knows, maybe they will make me look as good as Cindy, I mean we've got a lot in common, both 40ish (she's actually older than me, ha!), both married with kids, both....oh bugger that's where the similarities end. I'll give them a go and report back.

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