21 September 2010

Love of the week: Stila Convertible Eye Colour

I'm all for an easy ride when it comes to make-up. Getting me and my seven year-old daughter out of the house on time is always a challenge, and I will never, ever set foot in the school playground without make-up on, so anything that makes life easier is worth a try.
I've loved my Stila Convertible Eye Colour in Slate for a long time (in fact I'm on my second one), it's perfect for creating smokey eyes in a millisecond, but personally I find it too dark for daytime use. On a whim I bought (yes bought! it does happen sometimes) another in Ivy. It's a greyish green, not a colour I've ever tried before, as I've always thought green eyeshadow was made for middle aged women, but on my very dark (some might say freakishly dark) eyes the effect is great!
For those of you who haven't played with one of these, it's an eyeshadow, eyeliner and smudger all-in-one, and it's foolproof.
I bought mine from Look Fantastic

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