22 September 2010

Yipee for copycat nail colours!

OK, for the purposes of any legal people, I'm 100% positive that this fabulous collection of nail colours is 'inspired' by Chanel's Khaki collection, and is in no way copied. But isn't it great that affordable brands are bringing out stylish colours almost as quickly as the high end brands?
Personally, I love Chanel's colours, but I've never been impressed with the quality of the nail polishes finding that they chip easily and just don't last as well as other brands. So however cool the shade, I'm not going to rush out and spend a small fortune on a product I don't think lasts.
So here's the latest offering from Models Own, the Car Key Collection (great pun eh). Are they gorgeous or what? I'm not going to show you on my nail because I'm pants at applying nail varnish. But these little lovelies are only £5 each, so go grab some and try them out yourselves.
Beauty Cult is currently sporting Becca's Brown on both fingers and toes, and in a word, it rocks.
Models Own is available from larger Boots stores or online at www.modelsownit.com

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