23 September 2010

Italian make-up haul part one: Anika

Anyone heard of Anika Cosmetics? Nope, nor had I until a few weeks ago!

I'm lucky to spend a fair bit of time in Italy, and on a recent trip I came across a cosmetics shop I haven't seen before - Anika - in a shopping centre. We're talking cheap-as-chips cosmetics here, my haul of two eyeliners, one eyeshadow and one nail varnish came in at 8 euros. Cheap it may be, but in typical Italian style it was a gorgeous shop, with a gorgeous (if somewhat overly made-up) girl behind the counter.

So what did I think? The eyeliners are pretty good - not as lovely as my beloved Stilla, but for a couple of euros a good buy, and they didn't irritate my sensitive eyes. Plus they have a smudger at one end, which I always like. The eye shadow is a fab colour, a shiny grey with a pinkish hue, but it doens't last that well. The nail varnish is a fantastic colour, a sort of purpley pink (photo coming, camera battery just died) and after two coats has a lovely texture. Considering I never wear rubber gloves, wash my hands 300 times a day and do the gardening it survived for four days - good going in my book.

If anyone has seen Anika for sale anywhere else let me know, otherwise I'll be back there next time I'm in Italy stocking up!

PS For the detail lovers among you, the shopping centre in question was just outside Latiano, in Puglia, Southern Italy.


ame said...

i'll be more than happy to help you getting more products... i work for anika :-))))
so, if you wish, do not hesitate to contact me..

Beauty Cult said...

Great, will email you, thanks for the comment x

Anonymous said...

new shops have been hopened...
roma in some commercial centres...and in every campania major city..
for any info
info (a) anika.it